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Flint Township Clinic

Pregnancy Help Clinic was blessed to be gifted with a building in Flint Township. Renovations are well underway and progress continues despite setbacks. In November, thieves broke into our lock-box, entered the building, uninstalled the furnace, and stole it along with our brand-new air conditioner. This highlights the urgent need for a working security system. Several steps involving multiple companies are needed to make this happen, but we are moving forward. Replacement HVAC equipment will be brought in once the security system is operational.

In other security news, changes were made to the fence design in response to recommendations from the Flint Township Police Department, with installation expected sometime in the spring due to long lead times for materials.

The parking lot is paved and awaiting lines. A downspout from the gutter needs to be relocated away from the parking lot. If you have expertise in this area, your help would be appreciated. In early spring we will see the addition of landscaping, making the building exterior more cheerful and inviting. This will include installation of the donor-purchased 'Growing in Hope' bricks.

Floors are installed, complete with trim.  Once we have a working furnace, plumbing and interior painting can be completed. Other items that will be completed soon, include an ADA-compliant entry ramp, reception window and counter-top, lighting, signage, awnings, window treatments, AV installation, electronic door entry system, and interior doors with hardware.

If you have contributed in any way toward this project, thank you! We are so thankful to the Knight of Columbus for their help to finance the ultrasound machine and for the contractors who have given time to complete portions of the remodel. 

Current and upcoming needs include:

  • Basement clean up 
  • Interior painting 
  • Dehumidifier for the basement that will drain to the sump.
  • Cabinet installation
  • Moving help
  • Landscape installation help (early spring)

We are currently accepting applications for staff. Please contact Shari Boley, Executive Director at for more information.

To stay informed regarding project updates and needs, be sure to sign up for our e-news and prayer team.

Would like to contribute financially toward this project? We would love to partner with you in raising the $350,000 needed to cover the renovation and the first full year of operations. We know God will continue moving through you, the staff, and supporters of Pregnancy Help Clinic. No gift is too large or small. Whatever God puts on your heart, please know the impact of your kindness will be powerful, helping women and men in Flint grow in hope as they make decisions regarding their unplanned pregnancies. We are offering donors an opportunity to partner with us on this project by purchasing a custom engraved brick package that will be made into a path leading up to the front door.



Brick Packages:

$500:    single 4”x 8” Brick
$1,000: single 8”x8” Brick
$2,000: two 8”x8” Bricks
$5,000: two 4”x8” and three 8”x8” Bricks
$10,000 four 4”x8” and six 8”x8” Bricks

Additional Locations Coming Soon!


3388 Flushing Rd.

Flint Twp., MI


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