It's time for a second location!

On the heels of a successful expansion in Livingston County, we have the opportunity to expand our message of hope and support to the Flint Township area.

In 2019 Genesee County reported 1,382 abortions. Over the past 5 years the abortion rate for unintended pregnancy was 50%.  The Flint area has minimal resources for women facing the difficult circumstance of unintended pregnancy.  

Women and men are searching for help. The Pregnancy Help Clinic will empower men and women of Flint Township, by opening a life affirming medical center.  They are searching for true options and they deserve to know all of the resources available to them before they make their pregnancy decision.

It is a great opportunity to offer Flint residents a safe place where they can make a wise and healthy decision regarding their pregnancy.  

In order to make this happen we have a lot of work to do - but we know we can do it with God's help and Yours!  To learn how you can impact change in the Flint community click here!

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