Why We Are Expanding

Each year more women seek the hope and solutions we provide. Over the last year we have made great strides. We created a new logo and marketing materials for all 5 programs we offer, relaunched our social media platforms and developed a new website; all to reach more women. For all the good things we have accomplished over the last year, such as providing nearly 400 free pregnancy test, ultrasound exams and STI tests, over 1,400 educational sessions with a mentor, and distributing over 50,000 baby items, the most important thing we do remains the same: to attract and serve the women making a pregnancy decision. Because of our supporters, we provided information and resources and 34 moms chose LIFE for their babies! 

We believe that there are more women and men that are search for help. In order to do this, it’s become obvious Pregnancy Help Clinic needs to grow. There are three key areas that require attention.


First, our medical office has inadequate space. The current floor plan restricts our ability to accommodate only one type of appointment at a time and limits patients access to services. 


Second, our current waiting room is also limiting. The space confines medical patients and mentoring clients in a space that is too small for everyone to wait comfortably for their appointment. Abortion minded clients are confronted with crying babies and no place to sit.


Lastly, the Baby Boutique is too small; larger items are stored in a shed outside. This creates unsafe conditions in snow, ice or rain for staff to access the supplies clients need.

Our Board of Directors agreed it was a sign that the timing was right to expand, when the space adjacent to our current suite became available. Their prayerful decision to expand was further confirmed when a donation of seed money was gifted for the project. And what can be more important than providing information and resources for a pregnant abortion minded woman, so she chooses life.

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