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Rooted in Hope

We all invest our time, our energy and our resources in things that are important to us. It demonstrates our priorities. Please consider how you might be part of the work we are doing here at Pregnancy Help Clinic.
You can put your faith into action by investing in our work through the purchase of a piece of the wall tree art, engraved with your personal dedication, that will adorn our new hallway. Let me give you a perspective on how your investment will build results.

A $300 small leaf investment will purchase lab supplies for testing.
A $500 medium leaf will purchase a computer for patient charting and record keeping.
A $1000 large leaf will purchase a medical exam table so we can offer more ultrasound exams.

Your gift will determine how many tests we will be able to offer, how many nurses can access the database during a shift and ultimately how many clients we can serve. God still uses those with hearts committed to Him. And through those people, He reaches a broken and hurting world. God can do much with a few good hearts. It took only one heart committed to God, and David fell Goliath. Twelve followed Jesus Christ, and the world was never the same. Because of this, God was able to work with and through them to do the seemingly impossible. Contact the us at 810.494.5433 for more information.

rooted in hope

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