7743 Grand River Ave #101 
Brighton, MI 48114

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Project UpdatesbuildingNew Floor Plan

buildout 1

Construction is moving forward. We hope to have partial occupancy in March and full operations restored at the end of April. We appreciate all the support and guidance we have received throughout this project. Thank you to John McLaren; Tim Augustine; Moses Fromm, Lion Investments; Dave Richardson, Lindhout Associates Architects, aia pc; and Ron Evangilista, Nichols Construction.

Thank you to everyone who has invested in this much needed expansion to double the medical offices, increase access to the supplies in the baby boutique and create two waiting rooms with separate entrances, one for medical patients and one for parenting clients. We are packing up and moving furniture to prepare for the remodeling in our current suite.

buildout 2

Buildout 5

We are so excited to pick out new flooring and paint so the ultrasound and pregnancy test patients will have a calm, professional environment and our current parents will have a warm safe space to wait with their children. We are also shopping for the furniture needed in the additional space for the medical office that will allow multiple medical appointments at the same time and lessen the chance of missing an opportunity with an abortion minded woman.

If you act soon you can still invest in our work through the purchase of a piece of the tree wall art, engraved with your personal dedication, that will be displayed in the new hallway. There are only 28 pieces left.

Buildout 6