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79% of women who have ended a pregnancy say they were not sufficiently informed about their options beforehand.

Women facing an unexpected pregnancy are often in a state of fight-or-flight. Under this stress many seek an immediate solution and feel that abortion is their best or only choice.  Abortion pills have become so accessible that a woman can order them online as soon as she learns of her pregnancy and have an abortion at home without talking to a single person. Such a monumental decision should not be made in a vacuum. No wonder so many women immediately regret their decision

Women need sound medical advice from caring professionals who will not profit from their decisions. College students, who are in an especially vulnerable position without transportation, need easy access to get support.

This is where mobile medical clinics come in!

Mobile Medical ExteriorWith your support, we can bridge the gap between women and those who long to support them in their pregnancy journey. With the proposed Mobile Medical Clinic, support will meet pregnant women – right where they are! This is an amazing and unique opportunity to deliver support, education, and hope where it is needed most, providing options to women who feel they have no choice. Will you partner with us in this mission?

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