Our Center

Pregnancy Help Clinic (PHC) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, specializing in providing women vital information regarding their pregnancy through licensed medical professionals and parenting support from personal mentors invested in their success. This organization has been serving women and families in Livingston County for 43 years in a non-judgmental setting. Opened in 1975, what began as a call center to help women, has grown into a limited medical facility with mentoring and material support, assisting thousands of families in our area.

Pregnancy Help Clinic believes every woman and man should feel loved and supported throughout their pregnancy and life journey. Our agency provides accurate medical information including pregnancy testing and ultrasound exams to confirm viable pregnancy, and STI testing and treatment.

Additional free services also include: pre-natal education, parent mentoring and education, baby items, support groups, abortion recovery programs, professional counseling, relationship classes, and community referrals.

There is no discrimination against age, religion, race or social status. All are welcome.


Client Testimonies

"I was struggling with PTSD from losing my first daughter at 38 weeks.  I needed someone to talk to, someone to tell me I could do this."

Pregnancy Help Clinic is a non-judgmental place. All the staff are extremely caring & helpful. In 2012 I had my second daughter Juliana, I was struggling with PTSD from losing my first daughter at 38 weeks. I needed someone to talk to, someone to tell me I could do this. There was a mentor that did just that. She was my mentor for a couple years. We built a relationship and bond that has continued through the years. When staff there ask you how you’re doing they truly care how you’re doing. Pregnancy Help Clinic helped my husband and I provide clothes, diapers, food, formula, and anything else we needed for the baby. We all know how expensive this can all be. My mentor made it very clear that I was earning the baby bucks not just getting free baby stuff. You can gain knowledge of how to raise a child, how to parent an adolescent and many more topics while earning baby bucks to buy things for your child. I have gained a lot of knowledge that has helped me with my daughter Adalynn. This place is God sent!! My family is very thankful to PHC!! - BK

"This clinic helped me while I was pregnant and after my son was born."

I'm proud to say that almost 5 years ago I found out I was pregnant with my now 4 year old son! I was young and needed help. This clinic helped me while pregnant and after my son was born! They are great and caring. :) Thank you for helping others as well. It is now my time to pay it forward to you! - JC

"My saving grace"

Pregnancy Help Clinic was my saving grace, they helped me in so many ways and I will be forever grateful for all that they did to help me! -SB

"I've learned SO much from their parenting program."

I’ve been coming here since I was pregnant with my first child in 2015. I cannot express in words what this wonderful group of individuals have done for us as a family, me as mother & for my children.
Over the few years I’ve grown with the pregnancy help clinic family, I’ve learned SO much from their parenting program. I signed up for their Earn While You Learn program and gained so many skill sets from working with a mentor, watching videos, learning new parenting techniques while my children grew into the next stage of development and of course the baby boutique bridged the gap in our budget for different necessities my children need.
I am forever grateful for the relationships I’ve made here, as well as the warmth and love they’ve shown our family through a lot of ups and downs through our first couple of years into parenthood.
I highly recommend them. Their services are extremely helpful, in many different ways & all of the volunteers have their hearts in the right place. -CC